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Dowling High School Track Coach

Dowling Catholic High School Cross Country/Track & Field

Tim Ives recently completed his 16th season as Head Boys Cross Country Coach at Dowling Catholic High School. In 12 of the last 13 seasons, the Maroons have finished on the podium (top 3 teams) at the state meet, including 8 state championships. At the 2012 State Championships, his team’s average time for 5 kilometers…

Brooke McKee

Testimonial – Brooke McKee

Working with Coach Ives was one of the best decisions I could have made in helping me reach my athletic goals. Ives did a wonderful job of developing me into not only a competitive runner, but also a better teammate, sister, and friend. I originally went to Coach Ives for injury prevention, training plan structure,…

Barb Ranck

Testimonial – Barb Ranck

After watching my son run varsity track for the last two years, and observing how the coaches worked with him on his form and technique, his times would improve every meet, every season. It was inspiring. I’d been jogging for a while, for exercise, though I’d never gone out for track in high school. It…

The Body Project

Success Story: Nate Abbas

I came to Tim in April of 2013 at the lowest point of my physical and emotional health. I needed a change and I did not know where to start, only that I needed to do something. When I met with Tim, we spent our first meeting just talking about what I wanted and why…

The Body Project

Success Story: Pat Prijatel

Recently, a friend told me, “You look better now than when we first met,” which was 15 years ago. I truly feel I am getting better with age, and I owe a great deal of my new look to Tim Ives of The Body Project. After working out with Tim for 18 months, I’ve lost…

The Body Project

Success Story: Janet Hammann

When I started working with Tim Ives I was convinced that I could not lose weight or get into shape, that it was hopeless, that nothing could be done, and that this is what I would have to live with for the rest of my life. I was so out of shape that rapidly walking…

Elizabeth Keest Sedrel

Success Story: Elizabeth Keest Sedrel

Hiring a personal trainer is the best investment I’ve ever made. Here’s what I got: Accountability: It wasn’t so easy to skip workouts when I knew my trainer was waiting. So I did it and kept doing it. Those appointments helped me develop excellent long-term habits. Facts: My trainer helped me sort through all the…

Katie Flood

Success Story: Katie Flood

Over the course of my high school career, the workouts provided to me by Coach Tim Ives helped me develop into the runner I am now. Tim provided me with a systematic, progressive training schedule that allowed me to maintain a high level of performance year in and year out. His training not only emphasized…