Testimonial – Barb Ranck

Barb Ranck

After watching my son run varsity track for the last two years, and observing how the coaches worked with him on his form and technique, his times would improve every meet, every season. It was inspiring.

I'd been jogging for a while, for exercise, though I'd never gone out for track in high school. It made me wonder if there were things I could be doing to improve my form/performance, but I had no idea where to start. I started with Google.

My search for "adult track coach in Des Moines" turned up The Body Project, and specifically Sara Schwendinger. Ironically, I'd seen Sara (who also coaches boys' high school track) at a recent track meet, and I knew she was passionate about coaching track! That is something I knew I wanted in a coach.

It was very intimidating to arrive on the first day: me, 50-year-old woman, with no formal track background. I just committed to trusting the process and Sara. My goals were to improve my form, strength, and agility. I also wanted to cut one minute off my mile time, consistently. In the 12 sessions with Sara, I achieved - and surpassed - those goals. I'd never been consistent with strength training, and now it's a regular part of my workout routine. I can feel how my body has changed and how it has all improved my running experience.

Sara and The Body Project team were approachable, relatable, and supportive, and they just love what they do. You don't have to want to run a marathon or even a 5K to get a lot of value from what they offer. I would recommend Sara and The Body Project to anyone ready to explore a healthier self in a structured and supportive way.

Barb Ranck, Happy Customer