Testimonial – Brooke McKee

Brooke McKee

Working with Coach Ives was one of the best decisions I could have made in helping me reach my athletic goals. Ives did a wonderful job of developing me into not only a competitive runner, but also a better teammate, sister, and friend.

I originally went to Coach Ives for injury prevention, training plan structure, and weight room guidance. My mindset was aimed toward what I could do to be the best athlete possible, however I gained so much more than simply faster times. In the time I spent working with Ives I came to understand the value of consistency, friendship, and compassion.

During sessions with Coach Ives, we focused on a lot of strength pieces with structured running workouts and the occasional race plan. He also introduced the platform TrainingPeaks as a tool to log your runs. At the time I was absolutely terrible at consistency in logging my miles, but now, several years later I am so thankful Coach Ives continued to remind me to log those runs. The training log tells the story of your fitness journey, and it shows how consistency and patience over time can produce incredible results!

Through working with Coach Ives, I gained a greater community in the running world. He taught me the importance of celebrating my teammates' successes and how a simple "I'm proud of you" can go a long way.

Each session with Coach Ives was hard, but the rewards from it were far greater. He always structured challenging sessions that gave me confidence after completion. He taught me when to push past discomfort and when to stop altogether in order to avoid injury, so I could continue running the next day.

While I miss being coached by Coach Ives, I can confidently say that he provided me with the proper education and tools to find new ways to succeed in the sport on my own!