Get Started

Getting Started

Why work with a personal trainer or coach?
A personal trainer or coach provides the professional expertise necessary to customize a workout plan that is focused on achieving results in a timely manner. A trainer or coach also offers accountability and motivation that most exercisers lack. Aside from these benefits, a personal trainer or coach will provide safe and time-effective workouts that maximize results.

How do I get started?
Schedule a consultation with The Body Project at no cost to you. During this time, you will meet with Tim Ives to discuss your goals and expectations. He will help match you to your personal trainer and lay out a plan about how to proceed. Then, after deciding what type of commitment you want to make to your exercise program, your first workout will be scheduled.

What happens during a typical session?
Sessions typically last 45 minutes, 1-2 times a week. Each session will likely constitute some form of cardiovascular warm-up and workout lasting anywhere from 5-45+ minutes using the gym facilities and/or the outdoors if weather permits. At that point you will likely move onto some resistance training, which may last anywhere from 15-45+ minutes. You will end with stretching and/or a cardiovascular cool-down.

How long before I begin to see results?
Results will vary. It depends largely on your fitness goals, body type, genetic makeup as well as your ability to work hard on your own and during one-on-one sessions.

For most weight loss clients, 1-2 pounds of weight loss per week is considered ideal to ensure that it is fat being lost and not muscle or hydration. Conversely, gaining size, strength, speed, or definition may take as little as 2 or 3 months to begin seeing significant results. As for reaching satisfactory running potential, upwards of 6 months or more may be necessary in order to achieve quality running fitness.

How much will it cost?
Personal training sessions cost between $57-85 per session. Sessions are typically sold in packages and are pre-paid according to the length of time committed. The more sessions you commit, the cheaper the session rate becomes. Cash, check, credit cards, and Venmo are accepted. Join with a friend or spouse and each person will receive a 30% discount!

Why should I choose a personal trainer over doing things on my own?
Most new exercisers drop out of their exercise program after 3-6 months. A personal trainer at The Body Project will help you overcome any lack of accountability, boredom, staleness of routine, and stagnation that often occurs within a few months of a new exercise program. A personal trainer will ensure fresh and fun workouts with a focus on attaining fast results.